30 days of change...

For the past 5 years I observed my friend Dan Aderton regularly pour his heart, soul, body, and mind into numerous activities ranging from chess to ultramarathons to world of warcraft, each lasting a few months or so and then quickly moving on to the next thing.

Because of this, he meets and relates to many types of people, possesses a host of interesting experiences, and lives a life full of variety. Despite all this, I never fully valued or understood why he moved so fluidly from hobby to hobby, because to me it seemed there was little lasting change produced from such a lifestyle. Then I watched a 3 min video from TED talks:

As I listened to Matt, a new understanding crept into my mind:

There is value in experience for experience sake.

When I used to think about trying something new, my first thought would be "what sustainable change is going to come of this?" Now I want to ask "Is trying this new thing going to enrich my life and those around me?"

So now, Nicole and I have decided we are beginning our own 30 day challenges. We and some friends have brainstormed a list to begin attempting in July:

Require time
  • Tell spouse you love them 30 different ways
  • Only use one car
  • Write a poem a day
  • Create an art or craft
  • Facebook/email 30 people you haven't connected with recently
  • Learn how to dance 
  • 30 day exercise program
  • Read a newspaper from 30 different countries
No time required
  • No caffeine
  • No sugar
  • In bed by 10 (watch the sunrise)
  • Take a picture
  • No screens (tv/computer) after 7pm
  • Try a different beer every day
  • Give something away for 30 days

We'll be doing these with some of our friends around Ames and blogging about our experiences, so if you would like to participate please do! If you have any suggestions/ideas we would love more, please comment :)

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