Month 2: One Car

Nicole and I appreciate more and more every day just how blessed we are in the world. One such way being 2 working, reliable modes of transportation at our disposal: a 2000 Ford Ranger and 1996 Toyota Avalon. Apparently, not everyone is so fortunate as there are a little more than one billion cars in the world which leaves the ratio of people to cars:

  7:1   worldwide
1.3:1   in the U.S.
  1:1    in our family (how do you count unborn babies?)

For our second month's challenge we thought it would be fun to see what it would be like if our ratio was closer to that of the rest of the world, so for the month of August we are only using one of our cars, the Ranger.

+ Nicole will learn to drive a stick shift
+ More quality time together in the car
+ A greater need for better communication of plans (my weakness)
+ Go green/save on gas
+ Keep from adding more miles onto the 203,000mi Avalon.

- We will only have one car

So if you need a car in any part of August, just let us know, we won't be using it!

Our ride this month
This guy will be getting a break
(The rest of our 30 photos in the month of July are coming soon, we've spent a little longer than expected editing them as we want to ensure they far surpass the quality our friend Jake Mclaughlin's 30 in every way)

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