I found a new hobby...

It all started with Pinterest two Christmases ago.  I hesitantly but hopefully pinned a few fashion photos of looks I liked onto my previously untouched 'Fashion' board.  I had never really been 'into' fashion before in my life.  I liked the idea of being stylish, but I had no idea what my personal style was, nor how to even begin to be more 'fashionable.'  So I just began to pin with abandon and hope for the best.

Then I discovered fashion blogs via Pinterest.  I instantly began devouring them like a Harry Potter book.  How did these women do it?  They looked so chic, so put together, so grown up & womanly.  And I wanted to look more like that.  I still dressed like a slouchy college student most of the time and realized I didn't really know the first thing about anything in the realm of fashion.

And I still don't (really).  But I'm trying.  And I'm learning so much.  And it's super fun!

I started following some fashion blogs for the pretty outfits, but continued to read them because I felt like I got to know the ladies writing them.  All the while, I was learning so much about how to dress myself and look better.  I am discovering what I like and don't like, and I am a WAY smarter shopper now & enjoy shopping a million bajillion times more than I used to.

Soooooo all this to say, I'm not going to turn into a straight-up, for realz fashion blogger.  BUT I just downloaded the Polyvore app on my phone and I discovered it's super fun!  (New hobby!!!!!)  I can window shop, create collages, and it's another way I think I'll discover my personal style preferences.

And I thought I may as well share some of my creations with you.  Because I like it when other bloggers share their fashion finds with me.  I have really liked Fossil stuff for a few years, so here are a few favorites I found while browsing.

(For those of you unfamiliar with the fashion blogging world, the links where you can buy the items pictured are at the bottom.)  Enjoy!

Fossil Finds

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