Episode II

Yesterday we found out we're having another boy!!!  And we made something nerdy+cool to share the news! (Justin had the idea and we both worked on creating it.)

I was pretty surprised, actually, when the ultrasound tech said "boy!"  Most people wagering guesses (including myself) said they expected a girl and prior to finding out Justin and I had discussed how a girl seemed more "right" for the next addition to our family.

But God did a really cool thing in preparing our hearts for the news of a little boy.  Last week Justin had a dream that the new baby was a boy, and in the dream he witnessed the goodness of that possibility: seeing James and him playing together and being buddies.  God gave me a similar sign the night before the ultrasound.  It wasn't a dream, but when I was getting James ready for bed, a vision popped into my head of James and a little brother running around and playing, chasing each other and having the time of their lives.  Even though we were both expecting a girl up to that point, it seemed like God was showing us how good a boy would would be for our family.  (Although I still was leaning girl up until the moment of truth, and Justin was swayed by his dream to expect a boy.)

So we are excited and overjoyed at the news that our next baby will be a little man!  We do both want a girl someday (Lord willing), but we are assured that this baby boy is exactly the one God has perfectly designed to join our family.

Also just wanted to give a quick thanks to the people who sent some encouragement my way after the last post.  (What I didn't really want was for what I said to come off as a needy and insecure plea to please validate me in my blogging.)  After thinking much on the subject, I am happy with the journey so far and excited to move forward growing and figuring out how I can be a better blogger: and by that I mean writing authentically and being energized by the process.  It was really nice to hear from some of you that I've already been doing that, so thank you for the encouragement!  I'm pumped to keep going and growing in this.

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