*This conversation really happened.*

First, some back story so you can understand the context.  Lately Cameron has been waking up once between the hours of 1 and 5 AM.  We also moved him into his own bedroom about a month ago.  Without ever actually talking about it, Justin and I settled into a system where when we hear him wake up on the monitor Justin walks to his room and brings him into our bed, I nurse him, and then walk him back to his room when we're finished.  It's nice because then I don't wake up as much from making the trip both times and thus can fall back asleep easier, and it also feels like Justin is standing in solidarity with me for having to get up by getting himself out of bed too. :)

Also, this weekend we hosted a team WOD and competition on two separate days at Edutainment, a carnival/festival type event held at Jerudong Park Ampitheater, so earlier in the week he was planning what the workouts would be and what equipment to bring out the venue, etc.

1:21 AM
I wake up and hear Cameron stirring and whining on the monitor.  Justin is still snoring so I gently shake him awake.

N: Justin, can you go get Cameron?

J: Do you want me to get the kettlebells?

N: What?

J: The kettlebells.

N: What are you talking about?

J: Do you want me to get them?

N: I don't understand.

J: The kettlebells!  Do you want me to get them?!

N: I do not understand.

J: What is there not to understand?!?

N: Are you awake?!

J: Yes I'm awake!!  Do you want me to get them?!

[Cameron's cries have escalated and now he is full out wailing.]

N: I don't understand.  Please can you go get Cameron?!

J: Ok, I know!!  Do you want the kettlebells?!?

N:  I don't understand!!


N: Yes!! I know what a kettlebell is!  What are you talking about?!

J: Ugghhhhh, [sigh]

Justin leaves the room and comes back with the hungry baby.  While he is gone I am wracking my brain trying to figure out why in the world he is so adamantly concerned with kettlebells at 1 in the morning.  When he gets back in bed I'm determined to figure this strange conversation out so I keep it rolling.

N: Justin, so why are you talking about kettlebells?

J: Do you want me to get them?

N: I don't understand...

J: [Sigh]  Nicole, do we HAVE kettlebells?!

N: Yes, at the gym!  Why in the world would I be asking you to get kettlebells in the middle of the night?!

J: [Silence, he's now fallen asleep.]


In the morning I asked him, "So Justin, do you remember talking about kettlebells?" and he started laughing.  He explained how he thinks it was a continuation of a dream he was having about deciding on the WODs for Edutainment.  He told me he was completely awake but could not figure out why I had no idea what he was talking about.  We then had a good laugh replaying the conversation and remembering how frustrated we got with each other in our half-awake states.  ("DO YOU KNOW WHAT A KETTLEBELL IS?!?!" Lol.)

The real gold nugget in all of this is to learn that Justin cares so deeply about programming awesome WODs that he dreams about them as part of the planning process.  So next time he starts talking about clean and jerks in the middle of the night I'll know what's going on. :)

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