As each holiday comes and goes, I'm finding it more and more fun to share in traditions as a family and teach our kids the reasons why we're celebrating as they are more able to understand it.  When we celebrated Easter a few weeks ago, it was no exception.  Last year, James was far more interested in being pushed around in a toy car outside than participating in the egg hunt.  This year was a totally different story, and even Cameron participated a lot since he is at the stage of being way into copying everything his brother does.  We colored eggs as a family (with sharpies since there are no egg dying kits to be found here and it seemed like it would be less messy than DIYing it with a 1 and 3 year old?), hunted for Easter baskets and eggs, and gathered with friends for a meal.  He is Risen!  And we celebrate that victory on Easter and every day!

Photos by Nicole Payne--all rights reserved.

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