I'm a Belieber

If you've been around us enough, you've probably figured out that Justin and I are pretty big Justin Bieber fans.  Go ahead and laugh, but I am serious.  We waited anxiously for "Never say Never" to come to the dollar theater so that we could go on a date and see it.  I gave JPiz the "My World 2.0" album for his twenty-third birthday and he LOVED it.  We have been known to frequently crank some Bieber in the house or car and sing, dance, and go crazy.  We think the kid is super talented, and love that he loves God (check out his song Pray if you haven't heard it) and uses his incredible amount of influence for good.

So when I heard on the radio on my way home from work today that they are giving away tickets to a Justin Bieber concert in Kansas City, I couldn't resist entering.  Thought you'd all get a kick out of my entry submission where I had to write why you want to meet him:

My hubby and I are not what you may imagine as the typical Bieber fans (think screaming tween girls...) but we've been Beliebers since "Baby" hit the airwaves and we like him so much we've managed to convince many of our twenty-something, too-cool-for-mainstream-music-hipster-friends that JB is worth not writing off.  We think he is super talented and love his music, and we love that he is and has remained a positive role model for fans.  We would be so excited to have a chance to meet him and see him in concert, and since we are expecting our first baby in early December, it would be especially cool for our little guy to have gotten to "meet" Justin Beiber before he's even born, since he will certainly become a HUGE fan!  Thanks a bunch!  

I tried to play the pregnant card but I'm thinking it'll be tough to beat out all those crazy mother-daughter fans...  Eh, we'll see what happens, at least by entering I hopefully provided you with some entertainment at the very least.  :)

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