Month 5: Don't be late

A few months ago I asked Nicole "What would you say is our biggest weakness as a couple?" Her response in a matter of seconds "We're late. All the time." I knew she was right.

If you have known us for any time at all we have likely inconvenienced your life in one way or another with our tardy tendencies. I used to think "oh well, that's just the way we are," but the last several years we both have discovered the root of our tardiness lies in selfishness. You see, our late arrivals rarely stem from unavoidable circumstances (car broke down, family crisis).  Far more often we view what we are doing that moment a higher priority than showing up on time.

Punctuality communicates honor, value, and importance. We would never be late to a once in a lifetime dinner with the President (or Justin Bieber), but we show up late for dinner all the time with our good friends. Why? Because we see dinner with the President as much more important than taking 5 min to learn about the evolution of Mickey.  As for dinner with our friends...well they can wait. Mickey calls.

That's all about to change.

This month we decided to not be late. We're not going to lie, this one will take some effort, and we learned from our last month's experience we want measurable benchmarks to check our progress. Plus we want a little extra grace on this one. Here's our goals:

# times 1-5 min late: 8 (1 each, every week)
# times 6+ min late: 2 (1 each)

We'll keep tally and report our performance at the end of the month. Update on our month of going to bed at 10 coming soon!

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