Month 6: A month of love

candy hearts

Well, it's been 2 months since we attempted a monthly challenge, and we are largely pinning the blame on our newly added family member. It's hard to do anything else when exciting events such as this are constantly occurring:

(To a non-parent this may register somewhere around a 2 in entertainment value, but to us it's more thrilling than The Walking Dead season finale.)

Challenge #6: 

In honor of the month in which Valentines day occurs, we decided to tell each other "I love you" 30 different ways on 30 different days. Sweet right? Yes, but honestly, coming up with 30 different thoughtful gestures seems like a good bit of work and we could both use some help in the creative idea department so please share yours with us! We'll post our favorites later in February.

Shout out:

Big ups to our friend and neighbor Lydia Spray who today finishes her personal 30 day challenge to just say no to desserts. We know it hasn't been easy, just make sure you go nuts tomorrow and undo all that good work you've put in, that is the true reward of 30 day challenges.

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