Month 7: Crossfit

A month of exercise was bound to happen sometime in our 30 day challenges, and with Nicole's body recovered from the pounding James gave her back on November 28th, we're ready for our 30 days of exercise.

We threw around the idea of trying out Insanity or P90x, because who hasn't been in a conversation about one of them, and who hasn't wanted to say they've experienced it? (Perhaps many of you would say "aye" to the latter). Alas, with a $140 price tag we've opted for a cheaper option.

Enter CrossFit.

You may have heard of Crossfit before, the past 7 years this fitness movement has seen tremendous growth, and recently surpassed 5,000 gyms worldwide. It would take a while to explain everything that goes into the Crossfit philosophy, but the 2 min video below does a pretty good job of summarizing:

If that doesn't help much, here's some of our favorite things about Crossfit:

It's different: Too often exercise feels monotonous to us, but with dozens of moves (or "lifts") and an infinite number of ways to combine them, every day brings a new challenge.

It's fast: Due to it's high intensity, most workouts take between 5-20 min to complete. What's that? Not long enough to get a workout you say? Next time you are in town we'll take you through one and then see what you think.

It's practical: We don't typically exercise for the fun of it (although crossfit can be tremendously fun. sometimes), and neither do most people, we exercise because it enables us to live a high quality of life. This is paramount to Crossfit, all of the moves are designed to improve your movement in everyday life.

"The Dojo": Home sweet home
I (Justin) have been doing Crossfit infrequently for just under a year with my good friends Dan and Kent, together we rent a small garage in our complex to use as our "box" (or gym), this is mostly where we'll endure the next 30 days.

Every day the main website posts a new workout, so for the next month we will attempt scaled down versions of those workouts (perhaps VERY scaled down). We'll keep you posted on how it's going throughout the month, and if you're in the area and would like to partake sometime, let us know!

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