Meet 2-month-old James

One day when James was just over 2 months old, he pooped all over his clothes. It's usually not a great thing when this happens, but this particular time some good came out of it.  I stripped him down, changed his diaper, and discovered for the first time ever he wasn't screaming his head off while his clothes were off.  Actually, he was crazy smily and happy!  So naturally, I started snapping pics of him (confession: for over an hour).

I discovered the natural light onto our couch made for some decent photos even with my not-so-awesome camera and an idea was born: take intentional pictures every month of the little guy and blog them.  Real creative, right?  I know, whatever.  I realize moms can sometimes go a little way overboard with posting pictures of their kids, but this way I will restrain myself to sharing only the best with the general public each month.  (You can always ask me to be added to the grandparent emailing list if you're dying for an almost daily dose of Jamesy.)

2-month-old photos a month late:

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