Month 8: A sampling of brews

The first week's sampling
After a grueling month of Crossfit, Nicole and I decided ease up a bit and try a 30 day challenge that is less challenge and more recreation. Several months ago our good friend Jake had the idea to of trying something new every day of the month to broaden our horizons and gain an understanding in new arena of life we don't have much experience in. Well, the arena we settled on is the 99 billion dollar industry that is beer.

(Note: we do realize there may be some reading who view this a foolish/unmoral pursuit and want to briefly explain our position. While we do believe excessive consumption of alcohol is unwise and harmful to others, and therefore an activity to abstain from, we do not believe drinking half a bottle a day is unwise, harmful, or excessive. Regarding consuming alcohol in general, we agree with a very wise dude we think is right about everything who once said: "Nothing outside a person can defile them by going into them. Rather, it is what comes out of a person that defiles them.")

Nicole and I rarely drink beer and buy it even less often, rendering our booze savvy (if that's even a thing) minimal. We'd like to have some idea of our preferences, so when handed a menu we don't feel like we're reading Mandarin. Currently words like Lager, Ale, Stout, Pilsner, etc. mean as much to us as:

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So for the month of April each day we'll be splitting a six pack with 9 of our friends and figuring out what's good and what is liquid wheat. Or maybe we'll just figure out it's all liquid wheat. We'll also record our ratings of each beer and share them to pass on our newfound alcohol sophistication. As Bud Light prompts, "Here we go."

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  1. Love it! If you record your thoughts on each beer, then do the exact same challenge (with the same beers) a year from now, it would be interesting to see how your tastes change.