James: 4 months

I'm finally getting around to posting James' 4 month photos... one of these days I will get caught up, I promise!  

The day I took these photos was pretty typical in the life of 4-month-old James, he wasn't as smily as in previous months (though he seems to have outgrown that these days and is literally the smiliest baby I've ever seen!) and tummy-time was not his favorite thing in the world.  I wanted to showcase his tummy-time skills in this month's photos since at the time he was just starting to get really good at holding his head way up, but he wasn't really having it, hence the final photos of a tummy-time breakdown.  And after that we were pretty much done with our photo session...

Other new developments at the ripe old age of 4 months: a sudden interest in chewing on his fingers and hands and disinterest in taking a pacifier (teething here we come), FINALLY starting to sleep more than 4 hours in a row at night after some very intentional sleep training (I was one tired mama after four entire months of getting up every 2-4 hours with him at night, so it was such a welcome change!), and the ability to look like a distinguished old man, as showcased in the middle picture directly below.

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