Babies Aren't Always Cute II

I almost titled this post "Babies Aren't Always Cute: Crazy Eyes Edition."  Then I realized that with his enormous blue eyes (which I adore), almost all of James' not-so-flattering pics are a result of some form of "crazy eyes."  You'll see below, it's kind of remarkable.

The sequel to Babies Aren't Always Cute, Part I has been in the works for ages.  Over the last year and a half I compiled a number of photos into a special album in iPhoto I created for the sole purpose of storing these un-cute pics.

I like to think that it requires a special talent to capture these grotesque faces on camera, but then I realize that most parents' phones and computers are likely full of them too.  The difference is most sane parents probably just delete them, upon seeing that they are a bad picture, but not this mama.  I keep  (A slight exaggeration, but pretty close to the truth).  Lucky for you, I have now acquired enough of these funny face photos to share for your amusement.

Just to clarify, I think my son is the cutest kid in the whole wide world, and I even think he's the cutest in these "ugly" photos.

But for the sake of honesty, transparency, authenticity, and entertainment, I share the following:

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