And then there were four

Oh hey there!  It's been pretty quiet here on the blog for the last few weeks because I HAD A BABY.  (!!!!!)

Yay!  I made it through a second pregnancy, labor and delivery, and he's here at last, giving me all the newborn snuggles and cuddles my heart could desire.  (Along with those middle of the night wake up calls and at least double the poopy diapers of our not-yet-potty-trained-firstborn, but hey.)  We are one big happy, and sometimes stinky, family of four.

There are so many experiences and feelings I never got around to writing about in the hullabaloo of being pregnant with a toddler that I hope to get to soon, along with all the current happenings.  (The fact that I think I'll have more time to do this whilst raising a toddler and a newborn is somewhat laughable, I realize, but I am MOTIVATED.)  Second pregnancy differences, navigating pregnancy and delivery in a foreign country, Cameron's birth story, the transition from one to two kids, my genius plan to get my second baby to sleep better than my first...  These are just a few of the stories I'm excited to share with you very soon.

So consider that a teaser of what's to come, but for now I just wanted to check in and say hi, I survived, I'm surviving, and it is well with my soul.

And to show you my newest handsome little boy.  Meet Cameron Scott Payne.

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