Spring + Summer Recap: March-September

The last 7 months have flown by and it's been a long time since I last wrote a monthly recap post!  When we moved to our new place at the end of June we were without internet at home for 2ish months (forcing us into a repeat no internet challenge), and blogging went on the back burner.  But we've had internet for a month now!  And I like doing these recaps mostly because it's fun to go through my pictures and pick out the best ones to share!  So here it goes...  I'll try to keep the words few and the pictures plentiful. :)

Said farewell to the Adertons when they moved back the U.S.  It was a tough one, as they have been close friends (in proximity and relationally) since we got married.  Ultimately we were happy for them and where they were headed next, but at the same time miss them a lot.

Finished the CrossFit Opens with one of the longest, most brutal WOD's of my life!  (Ugh remember guys?! So many thrusters!!)  But I finished it!  My stellar team, Wednesday Addams (name inspired by this video/dance), ended up in first place out of all the Jerudong teams!

Moved Cameron into James' room so the boys share a bedroom now.  If their naps ever overlap during the day they still nap in separate rooms since they get too riled up otherwise, but at night they've learned to share.  It's fun to hear them laughing and talking to each other from bed sometimes.  It's equally frustrating that Cameron often wakes them both up at 6:30 AM when James could easily sleep past 7:30 or 8 by himself.  Pros and cons.

Easter celebrated with friends!  Brunch and Easter Egg hunt at one friends' house in the morning followed by pool party and another Easter Egg hunt in the evening at another friends' house.  Definitely miss home and family on holidays especially, but it was a fun way to celebrate here!

Chopped my hair off!  I was totally inspired by Taylor Swift's hair at the iHeart Radio Music Awards (whyyy do they call it a mullet lob in this article???) and after Justin told me "yeah, your hair doesn't look that good lately anyway" that was all the motivation I needed to take the plunge and go short.

House Hunting!  Worked with a few realtors and spent a few weeks toting the kids around between naps to check out loads of potential rental houses.  After a deal on one we liked fell through, we found the house we ended up moving into. More info in this post.

Celebrated CrossFit 673 Jerudong's one year anniversary with a community meal at the gym and a minute-to-win-it game competition.  It was really fun to celebrate together how far we've come in the last year!

Hosted the third Beast of the Southeast Competition where Justin served as head judge.  It was Mother's Day weekend and the way the kids' naps worked out that day they alternated sleeping and kept me in 'nap jail' all day long so we didn't make it out to the comp and I actually spent Mother's Day alone with the kids at home.  But we celebrated the following weekend!

Weekend getaway in Miri, Malaysia to celebrate Mother's Day the weekend after.  Lots of fun in the sun, it just gets more fun each time we go as the kids get older and enjoy the pool more.

Traveled to Bangkok, Thailand (Cameron's first flight) for the Asia Championships final competition and Justin again worked as head judge.  We stayed at a fun and trendy hotel within walking distance of the venue so while Justin was busy all day, the kids and I spent our time going back and forth between hanging/napping at the hotel and spectating at the competition.  It was a super fun weekend!

Spent the last week of June post-Thailand trip packing up our apartment and moving to our new rental house.  We arrived in Brunei with only 7 suitcases of stuff but have expanded in the last almost-2 years and filled an entire (small) truck bed with all our boxes.

Father's day fell during our Bangkok trip, Justin's birthday and our fourth anniversary came and went during the moving frenzy and none of the occasions were properly celebrated.  We said to ourselves, "Well I guess this is what happens sometimes as adults and busy parents of 2 littles."  Then we took a night away from the kids (my first ever since James was born!) on my birthday in September and called it good for all the holidays we missed in June.

Hosted a 4th of July BBQ/Housewarming party with gym friends and packed more than 30 people into our little living room.  We shared some of our usual Independence Day traditions, favorite picnic foods, and played games together.  Fun was had by all!

As mentioned above we didn't have internet in our new house for the whole month.  I didn't really mind for the first couple weeks since I kept busy unpacking, assembling Ikea furniture, and setting up house.  But during the last part of the month life felt somewhat slow and disconnected from the rest of the world.

Hari Raya started! The celebration of the end of Ramadan brings lots of open houses and good food for 3-4 weeks straight!  We were happy to join in the festivities more fully this year wearing our matching Baju Malayu's and Baju Kurong (the fabric was chosen and given to us by some sweet friends).

August + September:
Cameron's first birthday on August 21!  Had a low key celebration with our family at home and then headed to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia for the X45 Challenge, a CrossFit competition Justin competed in with a team from our gym.  A big group of people from the gym went to watch so it was a fun weekend!

Had to say goodbye to two friends and gym members who moved back to the Philippines, but only after they had given our kids the royal treatment one weekend.  We owe the purchase of James' first bike and many great memories to these two.  Miss you KC and Hannah!

One day/night vacation from kids at the Empire hotel nearby for my birthday.  So. Much. Fun.  It was amazing just being 10 minutes away so in case the kids needed anything it wasn't a big deal (they didn't).  It was such a nice getaway to relax and sleep in (!!) and hang by the pool.  We came back feeling refreshed and like better parents and spouses after taking a little break to focus on just us for a day.

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