Cameron: 6 Months

(Still playing catch up and posting this very late as usual!)

  • Size (at 5.5 months): Weight- 6.8 kg/14.96 lb (13.6%ile) 
  • Sleeping:  All over the place this month.  Generally 3 naps a day with an earlier bedtime around 7 pm, but lots of 45 minute naps and accompanying fussiness instead of his usual long naps.  At the beginning of the month I started letting him CIO for 5-10 minutes during night wakings other than the one early morning nursing session and he stopped waking as frequently, but after a few days he was teething and developed a rash so I didn’t feel good about keeping it up while he was in such an abnormal state.  After a week and a half of going back to the normal pacifier routine, the rash faded and both teeth had come through so I tried one night of CIO again, but the next morning the rash had come back!  So I decided to give CIO up for good since it appeared that he had potentially developed the rash from stress while crying (?) and I resigned myself to continuing to get up and put his pacifier back in until he was old enough to be able to do it by himself.      
  • Eating:  Exclusive breastfeeding every 3-4 hours during the day and once during the night, also started eating solids.  I planned to follow the WHO recommendation and wait until he was exactly 6 months old until I gave him any solid foods, but the week before he turned 6 months old I went ahead and gave him some rice cereal and bananas. He had just starting scooting and seemed extra fussy, hungry and wasn’t sleeping well, and the day after I gave him solids he napped so much better—I'm thinking he was probably really hungry!
  • New This Month: A very fussy month and lots of big changes!  His first two teeth came in and he did not handle it well.  He developed a rash twice during the month, at first we thought it might have been a cat allergy since it coincided with us getting a kitten, but then deduced it was either teething related or due to stress from CIO.  He also started going up on his hands and knees and rocking for a few seconds and then a few days later started scooting forward.  At the end of the month he had his first solid foods. 
  • Likes/Dislikes/Habits:  Cameron loves to take baths!  The week he was teething and had a rash it was the only place he wasn’t fussy so I let him hang out in the tub a lot.  (One nice thing about having tile floors— easy to clean up splashes from a baby bathtub in the living room!)
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