Adelyn: 4 Months

  • Size: (At 4 month checkup) Weight: 5.77 kg/12.7 lbs (19.1%ile), Length: 61.8 cm/24.3 inches (44.6%ile), HC: 41 cm/16.4 inches (62.7%ile), wearing 3 month size clothing
  • Sleeping: 3-4 daytime naps, bedtime/last feed around 7:30 PM and waking up for the morning at 6-7 AM. Early in the month: waking twice per night: around 11 pm and 3-5 AM.  Middle of the month: waking only once per night at 3-5 AM, but a couple times she didn't wake at all during the night.  End of the month: back to waking twice per night. 
  • Eating: Exclusive breastfeeding every 3 hours during the day, and waking one or two times during the night to eat.  I had a fever two separate times this month from engorgement/blocked ducts following the random couple nights she slept all the way through.  Adelyn put up a huge fight when I left her with a bottle of pumped milk, and finally drank it after 30 minutes of crying, according to Justin.  We tried to offer a bottle again a couple more times (when I was around) to try to get her used to it, but she refused so I gave up trying.   
  • New This Month: Sits in the Bumbo for up to a few minutes at a time.  Lots of interacting: happy screeching and giggling, and she laughs the most at her brothers.  First Easter.  First trip to Miri, Malaysia and first swim (she loved it).  On her 4 month birthday she rolled from back to tummy during the night in her swaddle (scary!) 
  • Likes/Dislikes/Habits:  Likes to interact, screech, laugh and swim.  Dislikes the bottle and runny noses (had another cold this month.)  

Photos by Nicole Payne, all rights reserved

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