Adelyn: 5 Months

  • Size: ? No checkup this month, wearing 6 month size clothing
  • Sleeping: 3-4 daytime naps, bedtime/last feed around 7:30 PM, usually waking only once per night (anywhere from 12-5 AM) and waking up for the morning at 6-7 AM. She's now less able to nap soundly while out and about in her carseat, but has to for the majority of her naps due to the rest of the family's schedule (school, errands, etc.).  So she usually has 3 short 40 minute carseat naps in a day, plus a longer nap in the late afternoon when she's able to nap in her bed.  Because of no longer being swaddled this month, she requires some assistance to fall asleep with me putting in her paci a few times--with her arms out she tends to pull the paci out, but can't put it back in her mouth by herself yet.
  • Eating: Exclusive breastfeeding every 3-4 hours during the day, and usually waking one time during the night to eat.
  • New This Month: After I found her rolled onto her tummy during the night on her four month birthday, I started the process of breaking her from the swaddle this month.  She slept with one arm out for two weeks, until she rolled again from back to tummy during the night.  After that I ditched the swaddle for good and the next day she rolled from back to tummy during daytime floor play.  She also started reaching out to purposefully grab toys in front of her, drooling a lot, and chomping on her fingers (beginning teething).  I switched her into 6 month size clothing at the end of this month.   
  • Likes/Dislikes/Habits:  Likes being held so she can "stand up".  Dislikes pulling her paci out over and over when falling asleep and not being able to put it back in by herself.  (Or maybe it's me that dislikes that...haha!) 

Photos by Nicole Payne, all rights reserved

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