Adelyn: 6 Months

  • Size: (At 6 month checkup) Weight: 6.3 kg/14 lbs (11%ile), Length: 67.1 cm/26.4 inches (71%ile), HC: 42 cm/16.5 inches (45%ile), wearing 6 month size clothing.  The doctor expressed some concern about her slow weight gain from 4-6 months (only about 600g/1 lb) so instructed me to hit the solid foods hard.
  • Sleeping: Wayyyy worse this month, teething and a brutal cold to blame for this.  3-4 daytime naps and bedtime/last feed around 7 PM.  Waking up 3-5 times per night and wanting to be nursed each time (wouldn't settle with just the paci). She is really close but still can't quite put the paci into her mouth by herself yet (she usually puts the wrong end in).  I started solids midway through the month thinking maybe she was waking more frequently because she wasn't getting enough calories during the day, but it didn't help.  I really think it was her feeling bad due to cutting teeth and being sick that caused her to wake more often and want comfort feeds.  
  • Eating: Exclusive breastfeeding every 3-4 hours during the day, frequent waking during the night to eat, and started solids in the middle of this month.  I was going to hold off until 6 months, but due to her poor sleeping I thought starting solids might help (it didn't).  Her first food was cooked carrots  which came right out the other end undigested (oops) so I switched to avocado next, which she liked (and digested).  After a week or so of avocado once a day I added a rice biscuit into the routine.  
  • New This Month: First tooth (not a fan).  Sitting up!  Scooting involuntarily...while on her tummy she moves side to side and backwards seemingly unintentionally, but hasn't yet mastered the intentional frontward scoot.
  • Likes/Dislikes/Habits:  A consistent tummy sleeper (after a few weeks of side sleeping last month).  Likes: smiling and interacting with everyone, quick to laugh (my most social and smiley baby by far).  Dislikes: Teething and being sick.

Photos by Nicole Payne, all rights reserved

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