Adelyn: 10 Months

  • Size: (? No checkup this month) wearing 9 and 12 month size clothing.  
  • Sleeping: Finally sleeping through the night!  Towards the end of this month I finally worked up the gumption to cut her off from night nursing, so one night I decided if she woke up I'd let her cry and go in to comfort and reassure if needed after 10 minutes.  On the first night, I never had to go in to her room.  She woke a few times and cried for less than 5 minutes each time before settling back down.  On the second night she cried more overall than the first, but most wakings she resettled herself within the 10 minute window.  I did have to go in one time because she had been crying for 10 minutes.  I gave her a drink of water and a cuddle, then put her back in bed and she settled down after that.  On the third night, she slept all the way through (perhaps she woke a few times but resettled so quickly I never heard her) and she's been golden ever since.  She takes two naps (usually only 40 minutes, but after the nighttime sleep training she's had a few longer ones where she wakes and then re-settles herself into the next sleep cycle).  Bedtime is 6-6:30 PM and she wakes for the morning 6-6:30 AM.
  • Eating: Breastfeeding 4 times/day: morning, after each nap, and before bed. Three meals of solid foods and sometimes an extra snack or two. 
  • New This Month: Walking more and more!!!  
  • Likes/Dislikes/Habits:  Dislikes the loud noise of the blender.  Not a new habit this month, but I don't think I've recorded it yet: ever since her top teeth came in she occasionally bites my shoulder or arm when I'm holding her! Usually when she is hungry or wants to nurse...I don't love that.  She likes walking and usually looks incredibly pleased after a successful stretch of stepping.  Also likes eating, drinking water from her camelbak, reading books, and LOVES her brothers.  
Photos by Nicole Payne, all rights reserved

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