Adelyn: 9 Months

  • Size: (At 9 month checkup) Weight: 8.035 kg/ 17.7 lbs (41%ile), Length: 70.5 cm/27.8 inches (52%ile), HC: 42 cm/17.3 inches (53%ile), wearing 9 and 12 month size clothing.  
  • Sleeping: Upon returning home and conquering jet lag again, I worked on sleep training naps (meaning putting her in bed sleepy but awake, and no rocking, shushing, or nursing to sleep).  At first she cried and I'd go in every minute or so to reassure, shush, and lay her back down, but after a few days she figured it out and now typically falls right to sleep on her own for naps (when she's actually in her bed, which, unfortunately, as the third child is not all that often).  Two naps a day with bedtime at 6-6:30 PM and she wakes for the morning around 6:30-7:30 AM.  She's still waking 1-2 times at night to nurse and I haven't yet attempted to wean her off from those.
  • Eating: Exclusive breastfeeding every 4 hours during the day and waking once or twice during the night to nurse.  3 meals of solid foods. 
  • New This Month: Developing her pincer grip and can self feed pretty well now, stands for a few seconds unassisted, and began cruising (walking around while holding onto things).  And she took her first few steps at the end of this month!  (Photo evidence below...she was far more interested in trying to walk than sitting in that silly chair for photos.)
  • Likes/Dislikes/Habits:  Constantly trying to get into the action of whatever her big brothers are doing.  Keeps herself busy eating dirt out of potted plants, trying to chew on cords, pulling contents out of drawers, and putting any and every tiny thing I've missed picking up into her mouth and holding it in her cheeks like a squirrel (#facepalm).
Photos by Nicole Payne, all rights reserved

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