James: 5 months

For James' 5 month photos I wanted to do them outside and take advantage of the nice weather that day.  On April 30th when I took these, it was actually in the 80's, which was basically the first warm day of the season in Ames.  After such a long winter and lack of spring I was more than a little excited to spend some time with James in the sunshine.  (Never mind that it was snowing later on that week.  In May?!?!  In my 24 years living in Iowa I've never seen snow in May until this year...So strange!)

This photo session turned out to be kind of awkward for me as a 'photographer' because James wasn't able to sit up on his own yet, but he was happiest when sitting or standing upright (with help).  So for a little while I tried holding him up with one hand while he was sitting/standing and attempted leaning back and taking pictures with the other hand, but this was mostly unsuccessful and semi-dangerous, I decided.  So I settled for taking shots of him on his back, tummy or in the bumbo, but didn't catch many smiles.  

I later found out he was having some tummy trouble throughout this photo session (I will share that story with you in a follow-up post), but that also probably explains some of those sour faces. 

Five-month-old James liked chewing and sucking on his fingers, LOVED standing up while being held and jumping/exercising those legs, liked tummy time a lot more, started reaching out and grabbing for toys, began eating bananas & avocados along with rice cereal, drooled like crazy, starting giggling once in a blue moon (it is the cutest thing EVER), and discovered his feet are pretty fun to hold and play with.

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