DIY Pants Hanger Necklace Display

Ever since moving here I have been constantly on the lookout for easy, affordable (or preferably free), ways to decorate our apartment.  We arrived with only 7 suitcases of belongings, so that didn't allow us much space for home decor items-- although I did slip in a bunch of flat photos and prints I had hanging up in our place in Iowa. They didn't take up much weight/space and I believed they'd make a big impact in making our new house feel like home.  (If anyone ever makes a move like we did, I would highly recommend doing that if it's a value of yours.  It made a big difference for us.)

One of the difficulties I've run into while trying to decorate here is that all except for one of our walls is cement.  I've learned that's just how they do construction here, no drywall that I can easily nail or screw into, just cold hard brick walls covered in concrete.  This creates a bit of a challenge in hanging things on the wall!  So I've learned to take advantage of sticky hooks that are available all over the place (likely because other people like hanging things too and that's aparently the way to get it done here) and also using washi tape to cutely affix prints to the wall.

I came up with the idea to throw together this necklace holder/display as functional art and an interesting way to fill up our mostly blank bedroom walls and I love how it turned out!

Apologies for the photo quality- just took the pics with my iPhone...

If you'd like to recreate it, here are the instructions: It was literally one of the easiest things I've ever done!
  • Go to your local home store and pick up a wooden pants hanger.  I found mine at a store that carries Ikea stuff and it cost a whopping $3.06.  And everything in that store is incredibly overpriced for being Ikea so I'm sure you can find one for much less at an Ikea in the U.S. or another store that carries hangers.  I chose a pants hanger rather than a regular coat hanger because I thought it would be easier to get necklaces that don't have clasps on and off it with the clips and easy accessibility to the flat wooden part from the sides.
  • I had to use a sticky hook, but I would probably have used a nail or screw in hook if I were in America to make it a little nicer.  Hang your hook, place your hanger on it, and fill with necklaces.
  • Viola- DONE!    

If you wanted to get even more crafty or trendy you could paint the wooden part a neato color/design or you could spray paint the metal parts gold since that's more "in" right now, but I was happy with the way it looked on its own.  (And happy to get it done/hung/and blog post written all during one naptime!!)

Also notice that I took advantage of these sweet camera free printables I found on Pinterest for the other side of the dresser!  You'll get to see in future 'home tour' posts that our place is basically entirely decorated using free printables from Pinterest.  And I am not ashamed.

Do you have any other ideas for ways I can decorate my concrete walls on a budget?