James: 11 months

James @ 11 months: a fair skinned, blond haired, skinny little guy (only 18 lbs!) who got lots of attention from store clerks and waitresses in Brunei, moved fast, giggled a lot, still didn't have much hair (but did have a mouthful of teeth), and was discovering how to move better every day.

 Milestones during month 11:

  • First plane ride ever and it happened to be a marathon international of flights- 36 hours in all!  He handled it all like a little champion (as usual)! His ears weren't bothered at all by the pressure changes as far as I could tell and throughout the entire time he wasn't very fussy.  He wouldn't sleep much in the bassinet provided with our seats because he was almost too long for it and was used to sleeping on his tummy which it didn't really allow for, so he slept most of the time in the Ergo, but he did sleep a lot which was great!  All in all he handled the whole trip much better than I expected!
  • Started climbing steps under mommy's watchful eye. (There is no carpeting here so stairs are tile and therefore treacherous!)  Could go up 2-3 steps at first, but not down.
  • 7th tooth popped through on the bottom, left side.
  • First visit to the beach/ocean.  He wasn't a huge fan of being in the water but liked the sand.
  • Loved opening and closing doors.
  • Walked around side-to-side while holding onto things (like the coffee table or couch) very quickly.
  • Started to do things purposefully and repeatedly to entertain people & get laughs.  For example, screaming over and over to the delight of the Mogard children and to the dismay of his mother.
  • Regressed for a few weeks into waking up at night again.  This was due to jet lag and the fact that he was sleeping in the same room as us while we stayed at the Mogard's house.  So he would wake up at night and pop up in his crib and see us in bed and cry until I would take him out and feed him, which I did for a while because it was the only way we could sleep!  (We tried maybe one or two times to just lay really still so he would think we were sleeping and maybe give it up, but he persisted of course and I gave in so that we could go back to sleep quickly.)  Then we got smart and started putting him in the bathroom right next to our room at night and that completely solved the problem: when/if he woke up he'd just go back to sleep after a few minutes since we weren't right there.
  • Figured out how to get down from the bed or couch feet first all by himself.  This was crazy to watch because it seemed like such a "big boy" thing to do that he learned all on his own.

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