February Recap

  • We got a kitten!  We actually got her at the very end of January but I didn't include it in last month's recap because we hadn't told our families yet and wanted to surprise them with the news on Skype. :)  We named her Mulan and she is cute, playful, and cuddly.  Justin and I both never imagined we would ever be cat owners (both 100% dog people), but we are really liking it so far.  At this point in our lives with young kids we have zero desire to add a dog to the family because we feel like we have very little extra attention to spare.  So we're pleasantly surprised at how much less work for us this cat is than if we would have gotten a puppy (no need for toilet training, going on walks, other obedience training, etc.) and James loves having a pet around.
  • Valentine's Day- Celebrated by making Valentines for friends with James, attending the Mogards' Cupid's Arrow party, and a date for high tea at The Empire hotel.
  • Chinese New Year- Attended some friends' open houses and enjoyed delicious food and good company!
  • CrossFit happenings- CF673J helped with programing the Beach Raid competition and some of our members competed.  One of our members generously treated everyone to a Starbucks outing so we could meet his mother who was visiting from the Philippines.  The CrossFit Opens started and I got my first ever toes-to-bar (and 12 more!) during the first workout!
  • Cameron started eating solid food a week before he turned 6 months old and he is a pretty big eater.  I'm mostly spoon-feeding him mashed foods at this point because I want to make sure he's getting enough, but we're working on self-feeding too.
  • James has been into superheroes basically since Justin's family visited in November and gave him a bunch of superhero birthday and Christmas presents.  This month he's hit a new level of adoration for his batman pajamas which he asks to wear constantly and apart from Batman and the Hulk which he can pronounce, he calls every other superhero (primarily Spiderman, Superman, Ironman, and Captain America) "Ironman."  He has also learned the names of the main characters in Star Wars and sometimes I ask myself if we should be focusing on him learning all the letters of the alphabet before drilling him on Yoda and Obi-Wan, but hey.  Father-son bonding over Star Wars is a great thing too. :)

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