Cameron: 4 months

(Obviously I'm extremely behind on these... #secondchildprobs.  :(  But I've been working on catching up, mostly for my own sake because I want a record of Cameron's milestones on this space.  So if you're into following along or just admiring baby photos, you're in luck! I hope to be churning out his monthly updates over the next few weeks!)

  • Size (at 3.5 month checkup): Weight- 6.3 kg/13.9 lb (31.4 %ile), Length- 61.5 cm/24.2 inches (31.3 %ile), Head Circumference- 42 cm/16.54 inches (75.5 %ile)
  • Sleeping: Still taking 4 naps/day with a later bedtime around 9 pm.  Near the end of the month our luck with hitting the baby sleep jackpot ran out when falling asleep became much more difficult for Cameron.  He needed the pacifier to fall asleep, but spit it out over and over so I would come in and put it back into his mouth infinity times until he fell asleep.  This created more difficult wakings at night too.  He only wanted to nurse once in the early morning but he often woke up 1-3 other times during the night needing his pacifier replaced.  Apparently this is a common occurrence known and feared by many parents as “THE 4 MONTH SLEEP REGRESSION.”  I didn’t know about it because my firstborn wasn’t sleeping well enough before he was 4 months old for me to notice any difference when he turned 4 months.  At this point I didn’t feel ready to sleep train Cameron so I endured playing the pacifier game for the next month and a half to see if it would work itself out and he would go back to sleeping better. 
  • Eating:  Exclusive breastfeeding every 3-4 hours during the day and once during the night.
  • New This Month: Sleeping worse (see above), but no other major milestones this month.
  • Likes/Dislikes/Habits: Likes being upright, bouncing and standing.  Also prefers tummy time to being on his back.  At his 3.5 month routine checkup the doctor kept remarking about how happy, interactive, strong, and active Cameron was.  She kept saying, “So active!” over and over.  She also said she’s never seen a baby acting like he was at his age and that he seemed more like a 6 month old baby than a 3 month old.  When I was pregnant with Cameron, as we prayed for him we felt God speaking to us that he would be a driven and dedicated person, a go-getter.  I’m not sure how much the doctor was exaggerating or being truthful about his development, but I chalked her remarks up to Cameron’s “driven” personality motivating him to keep up with his big brother. 

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