having a photographer friend = splendid

Image courtesy of Everlasting Love Photography

My friend Alex and I were hanging out a couple weeks ago and she offered to take a few family photos of us while she was over, so I was like, "Yes puh-lease!"  Alex is a super talented photographer who has started her own photography business (Everlasting Love Photography) and we were very blessed to have her do some impromptu photos for us.  Despite the fact that neither Justin nor I had showered that day, and James hadn't had a bath in a few days (just being real here folks, sometimes other baby-care tasks just take priority over my own and my child's hygiene) they turned out great!  I used a couple pictures for our blog redo and you can head on over to Everlasting Love Photography's blogpost to check the rest of them out!

She also gave me maternity and newborn sessions as a birthday gift last year!  Pretty great, right?

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