No Sugar Update

We are officially just past the half way point for this month's challenge and I've decided this is officially the slowest month of my life.  Maybe the last month of my pregnancy was slower...maybe...

I'm happy to report that so far neither Justin or I have caved and had any form of sweet item (candy, dessert, sweet beverage) and we've been mostly staying away from products with added sugar.  We've been a little less strict with the second category and had a few things like ketchup, chips, and crackers that have sugar as an ingredient but don't taste sweet because we decided the essence of what we're going for with the challenge is to not have a "sweet experience" all month.

The journey has not been easy so far, and I think I can speak for both of us that we're ready to be done with this challenge already.  It's even permeated into my subconscious: I dreamed the other night that I was "accidentally" eating chocolate and Oreos.  But I remained steadfast at my sister's bridal shower that I hosted (when I soooo wanted to eat a cake ball and funfetti dip!!) and we both refrained from partaking in the celebratory desserts abounding during our sisters' college graduation weekend.  We've been told we picked a bad month to give up sugar.  I think we've decided there's no good month to give up sugar.

All that said, we know this month is actually very good for us and we're enjoying the challenge of saying no to our sweet-tooths (sweet teeth?).  We're having less and less sugar cravings as the month goes on, gaining an appreciation for fruit as a dessert alternative, and I've noticed the remaining pregnancy tummy flab I had prior to this month is basically gone and I've dropped a couple pounds.  So that's a pretty sweet deal.  Har-dee-har-har, pun intended.

What sweet thing do you think we should eat on June 1 to celebrate the completion of our hardest challenge yet?


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