James: 10 months

James' 10 month of life: September, our last month in the United States.  It was a FUN month full of getting ready to travel to Brunei and spending lots of time with our families.

It was a pretty big month for James too.  Here's what happened in his life:
  • Started crawling on his hands and knees instead of scooting on his belly.  Got much faster that way.
  • Pulled himself up to standing while holding on to furniture, coffee table, etc.  (He actually did this for the first time the previous month, but really started pulling up often and with confidence this month.)
  • Walked (slowly and hesitantly) side to side while holding onto furniture. 
  • Mostly rejected spoon feeding of purees and much preferred soft finger foods.  Started loving self feeding so much he often spit out food that had been put in his mouth with a spoon only to put it back in with his hands and then eat it.  I wasn't complaining because it made the job of feeding him a lot easier for me...though it also made the job of cleaning up after meals a lot harder.

These pictures were taken when our parents threw an early birthday party for James the weekend before we left.  He got showered with gifts & attention, of course.  When he took a bite of the cupcake everyone cheered, but it spooked him so he started wailing, hence the pictures of him completely losing it and Daddy encouraging him to keep going, and the various ones where his eyes look slightly terrified... Better luck in a few months bud.

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