James: 7 months

Today is James' 11 month "birthday" which means I am 4 months behind on his monthly updates.  Yikes.

BUT I am promising you and myself I will get caught up within the month so I can post his 12 month update at the right time and be up to date.  So look forward to seeing James grow up 4 months in 1 month or less!

Confession: I totally forgot to take James' 7 month pictures.  His 7 month "birthday" fell on June 28th, which is in the midst of one of the busiest/holiday-heavy weeks of the year for us: we celebrate our anniversary on June 25th and Justin's birthday on June 30th.  So I will just have to share with you a few pictures of James I took from around that time and apologize to you and to my son someday I didn't do a legit photo session this time around.

Also, I am very confused as I'm looking back at my updates about how I was sharing with you his firsts/happenings.  Because everything I told you in last month's update happened during the month of June, which was the month leading up to when these pictures were taken, which was his 7th month of life (during which he was 6 months old...gets confusing).  So I don't know why I did that...because that won't work if when I get caught up, unless I share photos a month late. So I'll save the stuff he did the next month (July) for the next update, and just do a quick recap of June.

Happenings during his 7th month of life:
  • Bottom teeth came in with virtually no teething fussiness
  • Figured out how to roll from back to tummy consistently
  • Started really jumping in the Johnny Jumper
  • Got better at sitting up for much longer periods of time
  • Loved standing/dancing on his feet
  • Became more vocal
  • Swam in a lake for the first time
  • Took a few trips up north to visit great-grandparents and came with mommy and daddy on an anniversary getaway

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